About Us


This is another venture born right out of the Cashinn family.


We have been a market leader in real value for money second hand cars for over 20 years.

We offer our clients loans against any vehicle of value. If you are in the market for a vehicle then look no further as we offer the best prices in town.

Not only do we sell cars, We also provide a service of granting loans against your car or other assets of value. Should you wish to sell your car, we are able to offer you a great cash offer.In fact our track record accumulates to as much as 25 years of providing real value for money service on a number of goods from buying gold or selling gold, buying jewellery or selling jewellery, buying cars or selling cars or offering cash for goods and quick loans.

We buy! We sell! We Pawn! Any Item of Value so come in and see us for a deal you will be happy with! 


Pawn Stars South Africa